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What to Expect


What to Expect at our Sunday Service 

We encourage a casual atmosphere. Please come dressed however you feel most comfortable. 


Our church community has a large family feel, so don't be surprised by a warm and friendly greeting. Please expect a community that genuinely wants to engage with you through the entirety of the service. 

At 10:00, we will begin with a musical worship set followed by a time for updates and announcements. We will then have a time to greet one another, get refreshments, and take children to their Sunday School class. 

Following this, we will take part in a teaching and conversation time about the Scripture​. Expect interaction between the speaker and the audience during the conversation.

When the conversation has concluded, there will be more musical worship with an opportunity to participate in communion and offering. 

The service concludes by 11:30 most Sundays. 



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