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New Life is a community of Jesus followers who together make up the body of Christ.  One expression of this body takes place on Sunday mornings during our large group community gatherings. There are also several gatherings occurring during the week, each one designed to help people grow more intimate with Jesus and with each other. 

Children's Ministry

We value our children being a part of worship, but also recognize the need for the Bible and God to be presented to them in an age appropriate way. At all of our Sunday services, children will be included in our worship service for the first few songs and then will be dismissed for class. The children's church includes an engaging lesson and craft that allows the kids to apply what they've learned. After the short lesson, children will be given a snack and juice box then will have time to play and enjoy children's worship music.

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Home Groups

Home groups are intended to build relationships with other believers in our community while  diving deeper into God's Word. We encourage individuals to explore their faith, ask questions, and continue to grow in their relationship with God. 


     Tuesday Evenings                                               Wednesday Afternoons

     Bible study meeting 6:00-7:30                          Bible study meeting from 2:00-3:30

                   Child care provided 


For more information contact Clayton Augustine

Cell:  541-228-8292

Foreign Haiti Mission 

Our church supports Bilson and Elizabeth Florvilus who are missionaries in Haiti. Together, with several community members, and with financial support from us, they have created Popcorn Ministry. This ministry gathers the neighborhood children together and they share the love of God with them. The children have the opportunity to hear God's Word, sing songs, play games, and to receive popcorn and water. For most of the children, this is the only food they will eat that day. Our church has also created an "adoption" program for these children, where a church member donates $15 a month to their "adopted" child. This money is sent to Bilson to purchase eggs. Each "adopted" child receives a flat of 30 eggs once per month. 

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Pastoral Support

We are here for you if you need support or someone to talk with.  Please contact Clayton Augustine for more information

Cell:  541-228-8292

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