Our Leaders

Clayton and Christie Augustine


Clayton married his high school sweetheart, Christy, in 1987. They have 4 adult daughters, Tessa, Lissa, Makia, & Kyli and a foster son, Adam.


Clayton and Christy have been involved in full-time vocational ministry for 33 years. Over the years they have worked in both youth and adult ministries and lead the group who planted New Life Christian Church.

“We have been called by many as ‘that is the church where sinners go’…I love that we have been called this, for it speaks to who we desire to be; a place where any person regardless of their station in life, the struggles they have, the race they were born into and life style they choose to live, can come and experience a love that is real” ~ Clayton Augustine



Our Church Council


The day to day business of the church is conducted by the church council. They regularly gather to pray for the church, conduct business and address issues which affect the running of the church. The Council also conducts quarterly church business meetings to keep New Life members up to date on church business and members vote to confirm or replace council members once a year at the annual member meeting each January.