Prepare, Equip, Send Out an Support

Ministries are different aspects of the way in which we carry out our part in God’s mission. At new life, we don’t have ministry “business departments” but we are a group of people who consider ministry to be important business. That’s why you may find the ministry descriptions a little different from what you may have seen on other websites.


What are Ministries?
Within the Body

‘It takes a village’ to run a church. At new life, we believe that everyone, regardless of age, gender or abilities has a purpose and a role to play in keeping each other moving on a path towards fulfillment of the purposes for which they were created.

What role is God calling you to play?


There are innumerable ways to prepare, equip and support people to carry out their purpose within the mission and gifts manifest in different ways which can’t be categorized. That’s why, at New Life we keep formal programs and ministry departments to a minimum. We focus on people and their gifts instead.  Here are some of the types of people you’ll find at New Life:


  • Navigators (A.K.A. apostles) keep us focused on the mission

In a world of fast paced changes, navigators are focused on the goal and how we’ll get there. Navigators plant churches, but they also adapt what we do now to keep it effective in the future without losing sight of the mission.


  • Relationship Builders (A.K.A. evangelists)

More comfortable out in the world among the people than sitting on a church pew, these folks take the lead in sharing the truth about God and his church to the world. Within the church body they encourage other Jesus followers to engage with and love the Klamath Falls community so that their hearts can become open to the truth of Christ.


  • Truth Tellers (A.K.A. prophets) keep us from straying from the mission

These outside of the box thinkers, don’t necessarily see the future (In fact, most don’t). Truth tellers recognize when we, as a community, are moving away from the path God has set for us in order to follow our own. They help us return to where we need to be and identify ways to stick to the path in the future.


  • Guides (A.K.A. shepherds) help us identify the roles we play on the mission

These friendly types have the gift of being able to help us identify our purpose and remain focused on God as we work for the mission. In fact, the primary job for our pastor is to train and support shepherds as they guide members of our community on their Journeys’.


  • Preceptors (A.K.A. teachers) to give us skills and knowledge for the mission

Preceptors work with both children and adults. They are good at perceiving the skill and knowledge needs of followers within the church, prepare lesson plans, and carry

them out. At New Life, teachers give the message on Sundays, design curriculum, teach classes, lead home groups and mentor people one on one.


  • Cultivators (A.K.A. artists) to keep us inspired for the mission

These creative types inspire us to keep moving toward the fulfillment of our purposes through their arts. Whether it is music, painting, drama, poetry & writing, website design, or some other craft, they keep our minds open so that we pay better attention to what God is trying to tell us.


  • Hospitality Specialists

Members of this group provide us with a comfortable and welcoming environment to recoup from our mission work. From the time you arrive at a Sunday morning service or event, the work of these people is obvious. They greet you at the door, have snacks and coffee waiting as you enter and prepare & serve the communion meal. Behind the scenes, they set up before the services, and tear down and clean up afterwards. They may not get a lot of attention, but our community wouldn’t run well without them.


  • And a Whole Lot More…

In addition to the types of people mentioned above, we have people who are prayer warriors, scholars and people who offer wisdom. We have people who help with administrative tasks such as printing bulletins, managing church finances, and doing paperwork. We have friendly and generous types who visit people in the hospital, help with chores or yard work for those who can’t do it themselves. Others just offer to help wherever it’s needed.